Friday, July 24, 2009

The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

This really is the ultimate in world of warcraft guides. The best part is, after purchasing, you can just come back to the site and log in to see the newest updates (no more waiting for them to send it to you).

The included guides are:

World of Warcraft gold guide
Gathering Professions Guide
List of rare drops for each class
Different builds for each class that is easy to follow
List of PvP rewards for each class
The new Leveling Guide contains:
Alliance Level 1-60
Horde Level 1-60
TBC Alliance Level 60-70
TBC Horde Level 60-70
WOTLK Alliance Level 70-80
WOTLK Horde Level 70-80

Free Bonuses:

Death Knight Starting Zone 55-58
Individual Class Quest
Leveling Talent Guide
70-80 leveling guides
100% in-game leveling guides (no alt-tabbing needed)
Gold earning (over 200g/hour)
Beginner's guide
Profession Guide (level all of your professions to max levels easily)
Class macro guide
Class guides
Class loot lists


Our rating: 10/10. The absolute best World of Warcraft guide on the internet.

The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide